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 Mobile Mechanic Concord NC

Mobile Mechanic Concord North Carolina

Concord Mobile Auto Repair

I've been a mobile mechanic for 10 plus years and base my business model on integrity and honesty. I treat every customer as I would a friend. I follow the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your car is a precious possession that is something you and your family rely on to make your life run smooth.  I realize that so much depends on your car and unfortunately, we don't realize that importance until it breaks down.
So I keep all that in mind when you call. I genuinely care and want to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Whatever the case, auto-mechanics is what I am best at, and that's why I became an auto mechanic in Concord, NC


With a massive mall, a Nascar Speedway, and a rapidly growing economy, its no wonder that Concord is about achieving the high-performance living mentioned in the motto. With such as motto the city must have a high-performance mobile mechanic to serve it needs, thankfully it does, I am one small part of what keeps the city performing at such high levels with my skills in auto repair and my years of experience working with and building the trust of this city in the great state of North Carolina. In case you have not had the pleasure of my service yet, here are some qualities I believe allow me to strive in this high-speed town:

1. Leaving the competition in the dust- When it comes to the speed and accuracy of my work, I leave my competition way behind eating my dust as I zip around each turn. I am able to achieve this level of accuracy quickly because of my solid auto repair knowledge and my years of dedicated experience serving Concord both as an auto repair technician in a repair shop and as a lone mobile mechanic. Speed is important and so is accuracy, and yes you can have them both, I am living proof of that, get both from me by having me work on your vehicle when you need repairs.

2. Keeping money in your wallet- I avoid unnecessary costs, and don’t nickel and dime you like some auto mechanics, and auto repair shops try to do to you. I value relationships way more than money, that is part of the reason for my success. I prefer to keep money in your pocket so you can go see a race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, or perhaps get something nice at the Concord Hills Mall. Plus, building these lasting trust-filled relationships has only grown my business and given me success, so I don’t plan on ever changing that formula, no matter how many pitstops there are along the way.

3. Speaking of Pitstops- Bringing your vehicle to me will ensure quality maintenance and repairs which means you will cut down on emergency pitstops because you will have a schedule set up with pitstops at appropriate and convenient times for your vehicle and for you. The goal of any mechanic, regular or mobile, should be to give your vehicle its longest and smoothest road life that is possible, but so often that is either not the goal or not possible for local mechanics and auto repair shops for one reason or another which is why you need to bring vehicle to someone that truly cares, someone that respects both you and your vehicle, allow me to work on vehicle and see exactly what I am talking about. Those are the reasons why I believe that your vehicle would be best served by me working on it, the level of care that you and your vehicle will receive is far superior to what even the best local mechanic or auto repair shop can offer you.